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14 Days To Better Health (February 2023)

$289.00 $387.50

14 Days To Better Health Program - Registration Closes 2/1/2023

It's not too late to get the New Year started on a healthy note!  Each Health Program Option will include:

Meal Plan & Daily Schedule

Each Program will include a 14-Day meal plan that you can follow as is, or adjust to include your preferred recipes as you progress through the Program.  Each meal recommendation contains food designed to support you through each phase of the detox and to help decrease internal stress and inflammation.

Recipes & Shopping List

Recipes and shopping lists will be provided to help you prepare and succeed!  

Nutritional Supplements Included With Fee ($180 Value)

Complete B
GI Synergy
Mineral 650


The downloadable workbook will be your go-to resource for the 14 Days To Better Health Program, it will contain your meal plan, daily schedule, recipes, and shopping lists.  It will also provide instructions on how to take the supplements and track your progress.  

Select one of these 3 Program Options:

1- The Green Detox - This option will start with 1 day of raw Fruits & Vegetables, followed by 3 days of Green Detox Beverage (modified liquid fast), then another day of raw Fruits and Vegetables followed by reintroduction of cooked food and protein over the remainder of the 14 days.  This option will often result in the most profound health benefits.

2- Raw Fruit & Vegetable Detox - This option will begin with 7 Days of raw Fruits and Vegetables (the Green Detox beverage can be used for snacks or to supplement times of hunger), followed by reintroduction of cooked food and protein over the remainder of the 14 days.  This option gets greats results as well, but does not include a modified liquid fast.  This is a great option for people with a recent history of hypoglycemia, or who do not tolerate modified liquid fasts.

3- Inflammation Detox - This option consists of 14 Days of an anti-inflammatory diet (no grains, dairy, nuts, beans, seeds, legumes, nor nightshades, plus a few other guidelines provided by Dr. Robles).  This option is a great starting point for building health and reducing symptoms.  It is a core component for reducing internal stress and inflammation.  It will combine both better food choices with structured eating patterns to help support brain and body health.


Feel Good About Starting The New Year Off Right!

  • More Energy
  • Better Sleep
  • 3-7 Lbs. Weight Reduction (on average)

Overview of the Schedule:

  • Supplement Delivery:
    • Between 2/8/23 and 2/10/23
  • Course Access:
    • Email on: 2/5/23
  • Registration for 1st Live Online Meeting
    • Email on: Friday 2/3/23
  • Online Live Meetings
    • Monday 2/13/23 @ 9AM PST
    • Monday 2/20/23 @ 9AM PST
    • Monday 2/27/23 @ 9AM PST


Please note that discounted pricing will be available as follows:

$229 until 1/18/23

$289 until 2/1/23

Space is limited to keep Q&A groups small.


Supplements included with registration fee:

Complete B - $24

GI Synergy - $90

Sibiotica - $36

Mineral 650 - $30.50

Total- $180.50

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