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LFHC Nutrigenomic Evaluation - Includes 23andMe test kit

LFHC Nutrigenomic Evaluation - Includes 23andMe test kit

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This test will be done in two parts. The first part is acquiring the raw genetic data, which requires a saliva sample. The second part is interpretation of this raw genetic data. This interpretation will provide us insight into genetic variations in production of key factors in the body that help with: development of the nervous system, clearing toxins from the body, production of neurotransmitters (the chemicals that help you feel emotions and focus), neurotransmitter clearance, inflammation, energy production, immune health, and much, much more. At this time, this test does not need to be repeated.

Want to learn more about this test visit: Nutrigenomic Evaluation Explanation

You may elect to purchase the test kit and our Nutrigenomic Evaluation separately.  Most people prefer this for both cost savings and speed in which you receive the test kit.  Please note, either way, it will take 3-6 weeks for 23andMe to interpret your genetic results once they receive your sample.  Our Nutrigenomic Evaluation will be completed within 7 business days after we receive the raw genetic data file from you.  Please order your test kit below and then you may purchase our Nutrigenomic Evaluation by visiting or Amazon.


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