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The Lymphocyte MAPTM - Comprehensive Lymphocyte Immunophenotyping (Cyrex Labs)

The Lymphocyte MAPTM - Comprehensive Lymphocyte Immunophenotyping (Cyrex Labs)

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Autoimmunity, Allergies, and Cancer involve disruption of normal immune function.  This new and innovative test examines your unique immune expression of cells that help fight cancer, balance allergies, and recognize your own cells versus pathogens.  This helps identify where imbalances are so that work can be done to support improved health.

The Lymphocyte MAP measures the integrity of the immune system at the cellular level, enabling Dr. Robles to classify patients’ immunotype or their immune identity. It uses an advanced flow cytometry method that combines laser technology with monoclonal antibodies to measure the properties of living cells based on size, shape, density and granularity, resulting in a high-precision count of various lymphocyte subpopulations. The Lymphocyte MAP identifies the patterns of balance or imbalance of T cells, B cells and natural killer cells detected in the blood of a patient, and organizes them into specific immunotypes to facilitate interpretation of test results.

Test Items Included:

Total Lymphocyte 
% Lymphocyte 
Total T Cell 
% T Cell 
Total B Cell 
% B Cell 
T Cell/B Cell Ratio
Total T-Helper (CD4) Cell 
% T-Helper (CD4) Cell 
Total Cytotoxic (CD8) T Cell 
% Total Cytotoxic (CD8) T Cell 
CD4/CD8 Ratio 
Total T-Helper-1 Cell 
% Total T-Helper-1 Cell 
Total T-Helper-2 Cell 
% Total T-Helper-2 Cell 
Th1/Th2 Ratio 
Total T-Helper-17 
% Total T-Helper-17
Total Regulatory T Cell 
% Regulatory T Cell 
Th17/Treg Ratio 
Total NK Cell 
% NK Cell 
Total Cytotoxic NK cells 
% Cytotoxic NK cells 
Total NKT
% NKT 


***Please note the following:

Cyrex Testing Fee: ~$399

Test Kit Processing/Ordering & 20 minute phone Consultation: ~$200

Total Fee: $599

Cyrex Testing ordered through us, along with the processing and consultation fees are not covered by Medicare or other insurance coverage.  This testing is only available as an out of pocket, non-covered expense.  Therefore, Medicare recipients or Medicare eligible people must complete an Advanced Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN) prior to the lab order and review.

Additionally, personal information, such as: Full Name, DOB, Gender, & Home Address are required for testing.

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