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LFHC Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

LFHC Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

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This test will give more insight into your health and the function of different systems of your body. In particular we will identify whether or not there are patterns related to anemia, inflammation, relative risk for cardiovascular events, immune stress, and will be able to assess the health of your thyroid. If we find abnormalities in any of these blood markers, repeating the abnormal tests is recommended after 8-10 weeks, with the exception of auto-antibody testing which does not need to be repeated.

Want to learn more about this test visit: Comprehensive Metabolic Blood Panel Explanation & Video

***Please note the following:

Labcorp Testing Fee: ~$206

LFHC Functional Lab Review: ~$199

Total Fee: $406

Labcorp Testing ordered through us, along with the LFHC Functional Lab Review are not covered by Medicare or other insurance coverage.  This testing is only available as an out of pocket, non-covered expense.  Therefore, Medicare recipients or Medicare eligible people must complete an Advanced Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN) prior to the lab order and review.

Additionally, personal information, such as: Full Name, DOB, Gender, & Home Address are required for testing.

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