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LFHC Functional Lab Analysis Consultation

LFHC Functional Lab Analysis Consultation

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Our Functional Lab Analysis Consultation is designed for those who have had their labs drawn and assessed for disease and pathology.  This analysis uses a tighter lab range to identify patterns that may indicate nutritional deficits that are beginning to effect lab results.  It is ideal for the patient who has been told that their lab results are "normal," even though they may continue to suffer with symptoms. 

Our goal is to review your lab results in the same way that we review the lab results that we order.  We will provide you with a Functional Lab Analysis PDF that will include recommendations for supplements to help support better overall health and wellness.  This includes a 10 minute phone consultation with Dr. Robles to answer any specific questions you may have.


Please Note:

We can only analyze the lab markers that you submit to us, therefore, it is recommended that you review the markers that we test in our  LFHC Comprehensive Metabolic Panel to give you a better idea of what may be available to you through us or your primary doctor.  The analysis is limited to the markers that we test in our  LFHC Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, therefore if you have other lab results, they may not be included in your Functional Lab Analysis.  

Additionally, personal information, such as: Full Name, DOB, Gender, & Home Address are required for testing.

This Functional Lab Analysis Consultation is included with the LFHC Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

Watch this video for more information about how we look at labs and the valuable insight we may be able to provide:


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