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The Path To Health: A manual for proper care of the human body

The Path To Health: A manual for proper care of the human body

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Have you ever wished that there was a “How to” manual that came with your body?

The wait is over. You will find all of the information about how to care for your body properly in: The Path To Health. The amount of conflicting information about health and nutrition is confusing. It leaves many people angry and disgusted that, after investing 3 weeks of their time to read hundreds of pages, they still don't know what to do, or why they are doing it. Many people live their life fearing whether, or not, they are making the right choices about how to care for their health. You will find the answers you are looking for in The Path To Health. We all know this sad story: One day this “health expert“ says to eat more whole grains, then the next month that “health expert” says not to eat any grains! The Path To Health will end the discussion once and for all. You will be happily surprised at how easy it really is to determine what you should be eating and that you can find all the basic information you need in one book that can be read in under 2-hours.

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